This page will help you get started with the Neon API


The Neon API allows you to manage Neon programmatically. With the Neon API, you can create and manage all objects in your Neon account, including:

  • API keys
  • Projects
  • Branches
  • Compute endpoints
  • Databases
  • Roles


Databases and roles belong to branches and are therefore managed with Branch endpoints. Look under Branch in the sidebar for database and role endpoints.

For information about the Neon objects listed above, refer to Overview of the Neon object hierarchy, in the Neon documentation.

Neon API base URL

The base URL for a Neon API request is:

Append a Neon API endpoint path to the base URL to construct the full URL for a request. For example:{project_id}/branches/{branch_id}

Neon API examples

For Neon API examples, refer to the following topics in the Neon documentation:


When using the Neon API programmatically, you can poll the operation status to ensure that an operation is finished before proceeding with the next API request. For more information, see Poll operation status.

Need help?

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