How you can use the Neon API

The Neon API can be used in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Programmatically create, update, or delete any Neon object including API keys, projects, branches, compute endpoints, databases, and roles.
  • Automatically create database branches from your CI/CD pipeline. For example, create a database branch for each preview deployment by calling the Create branch endpoint from a GitHub Action each time you push changes to your GitHub repository.
  • Programmatically create new database environments for testing. With Neon's branching capability, you can instantly create a copy-on-write clone of your production database with a dedicated compute endpoint. When your testing is complete, you can tear down the environment just as quickly.
  • Retrieve details about any object in Neon including projects, branches, compute endpoints, databases, and roles.
  • Check the status of any request using Operation endpoints.

You can can access the Neon API from any application capable of issuing an HTTP API request.